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Author Topic: Front Load Washer Vibration - Level Leg  (Read 3089 times)

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Front Load Washer Vibration - Level Leg
« on: April 08, 2010, 10:24:41 AM »

In some instances, the front load washer will not be leveled properly during installation.  This video will detail how you can raise and lower the washer to ensure that it is level.

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Re: Front Load Washer Vibration - Level Leg
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2010, 10:27:50 AM »
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Re: Front Load Washer Vibration - Level Leg
« Reply #2 on: April 08, 2010, 09:46:51 PM »
Leveling a front load washer (as shown in the video) is important for both--preventing "wobble" as well as for appearance.
A new washer & dryer positioned next to each other at the same height looks very neat.

Although most retailer installers *do* level the machines--what REALLY needs to be done--is to add a single large towel into the washer tub and to put the washer in a SPIN ONLY cycle. This will "mimic" an imbalanced-spin condition.
After 3 to 5 minutes the tub will enter a High Speed Spin Mode.
Using a wrenchette (supplied with most new front loaders) a more precise leveling of the washer can be done.
If there's any rocking or thumping sound during ramp-up-to high-speed-spin----adjust the *left* or *right* leveling leg until the noise completely stops.
Lock the leveling leg nuts.

This will NOT solve vibration/noise on wood floors--unless the washer is a brand/model designed specifically for wood floor laundry rooms.

Entering a washer into a Spin Cycle by activating the SERVICE TEST MODE should *NEVER* be done.
In most front load washers--the software feature which monitors the tub for an imbalance condition is DEACTIVATED during the SERVICE MODE.
The result will be an unbelievable amount of vibration/shaking/hopping--far worst than would normally be the case.
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