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Training Tomorrow

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I got Whirlpool training tomorrow.... I hope they got good food for lunch :please:

I have a final diagnoses test and a final written tomorrow, then Thursday we have a potluck for the guys who are graduating, 2 this quarter.  Got some Salmon in a brine right now so I can smoke it tomorrow for the potluck :)

Let us know how training goes and of coarse what was for dinner, :)

Training was good. We took a peak at the new Bravos/Cabrio thats still in design stage's.. Looks like its gonna be a complete re-design.  Ac motor, No floating tub, its got a Splutch, and a belt... I was also informed that the direct drive machine will be no longer in production by 2012.  We also did some service bulletin stuff.  Not to bad, kinda a short class. We were out by 1.  And the best part was we had pizza! 

Oh, and the class was loving the tattoo as well  O0


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