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Dishwasher leaves water on dishes...will not dry.

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Appliance Junkies....

I am hoping for some help on where to go next.  Excellent site by the way.  

I have an LG LDF6810ST dishwasher and have had a bit of trouble.  While under warranty the sump pump failed and was replaced.  The technician ended up creating a leak that I had to fix myself when he came back and stated...."you will get a few drips under the door."  But that is water under the bridge.

The problem I am having now is that there is water left on the dishes after the dishwasher is done.  I do not have any error codes when a cycle is complete.  I read the manual posted on this site and tryed cycling through the test mode.  The display on the LED does not match all of the different steps.  After figuring out to enter test mode you press rinse+delay start+power s/w simultaneously (a feat Jimmi Hendrix would struggle with) then delay start I get the following:

3H/U3 (instead of U2 as in the manual)

next I get 1 followed by 49

32 33 "0" 0 (first digit flashing) 35 36 37 38 19 3A ding ding ding

I have a PCB  left when the service tech worked on it the first time that I could try.  I have looked at the wiring and found one gray wire that has stripped insulation, but looks to still be in tact.  I have not yet tested the voltage on the fan to see if the humidity sensor might be bad.  I suspect that either the fan or switch is bad.  I am also suspicious about the element, because when running the sanitary cycle I would expect the dishes to be HOT not just warm.  Am I on the right path?

While our tech's ponder your predictament you might want to read an earlier post:
LG LE error

Please post your serial number.
This will allow for accurate assistance/information.

Thanks for the quick reply.  I read through the Christmas post and didn't see too much that applies here.  But I will keep tinkering I'm going to ohm out the element and fans first ... meanwhile the s/n is 701KWBY00557 Thanks again so much for your help.


okay...that was too easy.  I measured the element and it is showing an open.  Based on the wiring diagram it looks like it could be the heater s/w, however, I am not too hopeful based on other comments on this site.  I will rip the thing apart (guts and feathers) and retest element when I get to that point.  It's looking like $135 + shipping for the whole sump assembly....:(


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