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Best type of work?


Most all my work experience has been with residential appliance repair.

Do you enjoy residential appliance repair, commercial or HVAC work?

residential appliance repair O0

I worked for a little over 23 years doing sheet metal work and welding, Mostly for the Kenworth Truck Company. When you see a Kenworth, chances are I touched the fuel tanks, cabs, sleepers or the frame rails at one time or another.  I also did some HVAC duct fab work on the side over those years. Ive also installed paint boothes on the side at a couple of body shops. Lots of fab, plumbing for compressed air and electrical. All that and I also built servers and computers for a few auto body shops :2funny:

When I started school I wanted to get into some type of building maintenance, I didnt think I could handle the customer service part of the job, but after going on a few ride alongs and doing residential work, Ive changed my thinking. So far I like the residential when Im sent out. I havent ran into the customer from hell yet. The techs Im sent out with are some of the best teachers. O0

Don't get me wrong: I love repairing things. Certified Master Lockwright (been locksmithing for 40 years); Appliance repair; etc. However, if I had my way in life, I would perform magic full time. The money's terrific, and it's the closest I have come to being paid to play!


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