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Trolling motor battery


My nice trolling motor battery along with my trolling motor and everthing went for a swim in that last bad storm here in the swamp. When the water dropped back down I bailed her out and raised the Titanic once again.  Now the battery will not hold a charge. I then got peeved and let it charge till all the liquid dryed out and added some more 3 days later. I don't know what could have let me forget and overcharge that sucker, oh yeah too much time online says the wife. Anyway Robert came by today and we redid some glides on an ancient Maytag dryer (DE313) and he declares he has a gallon of battery rejuvenator he is gonna brang over tomorrow. Will that fix the battery after it has been under water? I dumped all that brackish water out. I wish I could bring it into Tidebatt and get him to rebuild it. Can these batterys be rebuilt? Dang boat batterys are gettin expensive.  :'(

 You could try those long sticks with flared ends to move the boat. Their alot cheaper and good for your health.  :tiphat:

I flipped the battery back right side up and slung battery acid in my eyes dang it.


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