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Howdy all,
I posted a link to this site over on the Gardenweb appliance forum. I just found this site yesterday and was delighted to find links to the service docs for my new refrigerator on the site. I now have copies stored for future reference. I also took a look at some of the threads on the forum and was delighted to read the excellent, helpful, answers. So I just want to say that i am impressed with this site and want to say thanks for the link to the LG service docs. They could prove invaluable to me up the road.

So does anyone have a link to the service docs for the Miele CVA-4066 coffee system? I am getting intermittent fault code 81s and 2s. Though I am not a pro appliance tech, I spent 10 years as a tech rep for Xerox and know my way around appliances from fixing my own all the time.

Best wishes!


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