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DC Motors In Appliances


I am looking to salvage a dc motor from a washer. Does anyone know what makes / models of washers have these motors. I have heard LG, Maytag, Fisher and Paykel. Any information would be appreciated. Please note I am not looking to use the motor in another washer nor am I looking for a specific model or make of dc motor. Looking forward to what the group might have to say!


Almost every front load washer now a days has a dc motor.  Whirlpool Duet, Maytag Neptune, Maytag Epic, GE Harmony, All Samsung Models, ECT.  Top load systems such as the Fisher Paykal or the Maytag bravo's also use a DC system, but does not have your typical motor, they are a direct drive system with a rotor and stator, (no spot for a belt to attach to)

The whole machine is the motor. The base is the stator and the inner tub and agitator is the rotor. Wild ain't it.

I never quite looked at it like that, But that is a pretty neat way to look at it  J DUB.


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