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John M-Easton:
My washer started making a growling noise and didn't get all the water out. After determining it wasn't my stomach, I took the back off and ran it. I heard the growl, then removed the belt and ran it again. The motor seems to be complaining a bit. Could there be anything other than the motor to do this? I'm pretty sure I have it nailed, but you can never tell. :o

Model mah4000aww

Does the pump turn easy? Sometimes the bearing in those will start to seperate and lock up. And it won't leak!

On this Neptune machine, if the belt is removed, spin the large drive pulley by hand or spin the basket from the front and listen for a rasping noise as it turns. Most likely you have bad tub bearings and should consider replacing the machine. No doubt there are ways to repair  these, but they are mostly cost-prohibitive.

On the other hand, if something got into the small electric pump inside the back panel, it could account for the noise, and is a simple and easy fix. The motor should not be run with the belt off, FYI.

You say you think you got it nailed, huh? What is your next course of action?

John M-Easton:
The tub turns easy with no sound or resistance. I ran the motor for a couple seconds and it growls as soon as I turn it on. The pump drains and to tell you the truth my next course was to take a sawzall to my MAYTAG Manual.

John M-Easton:
Assumption being the Mother of all screw-ups, I checked the main control board and it is fine. No burned resistors or otherwise. I replaced this once already.


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