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Anyone else using a BlackBerry?

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I picked up a BlackBerry 8530 the other day.

I was not happy with the default browsers (blackberry, firefox, IE) that come with it, but after some searching I found the Opera Mini.

I have only been using the Opera Mini browser for a short time, but have already found it more user friendly and a lot faster then the other three browsers that come with my blackberry.

To help protect my blackberry I put it in a Otter Box - Defender Case.

Even though there are many Blackberry Apps that I have already found useful there are a couple things I wish there were a app for that I could not find.

Being I already know some programming I'm going to read Beginning BlackBerry Development and see if I can create some of my own programs for the blackberry.

Anyone else using a blackberry?

If so what do you like or dislike about it?

Here are a couple images of our site on the blackberry using the Opera Mini browser.

One really nice feature of the Opera Mini browser is word wrap.
Opera Mini will automatically word wrap text so you don't have to scroll back and forth to read post or any other text.  O0

Wow, that looks like fun.  O0

I have a Motorola Q9M that Ive had a couple of years.  Ive been looking at some of the blackberrys.

Musta put you back a bundle. How much does it cost? Are you bundled? Is it by the minute or unlimited surfing?


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