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Part 1 of my new tattoo!!!

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This is part 1 of my new tattoo, there is a ton more of it, and i will post more pictures when more gets done.  I got 3 more 3-5 hour sittings.

and I was thinking the tattoo was going to be of the AJ logo. :)

Is that your first tattoo or do you have others?

Is it for real or are you toying with us?

It sure looks real to me, but what do I know about tattoos?

no its real! i got 7 other's but this one is gonna be by far the coolest and most meaningful.  That wringer is a model 72 with a fruit jar engine.  They are extremely rare and my dad always wanted one.  My great grandfather starting working for maytag in 1928, and by 1930 was running his own business repairing maytags!

Cool, can't wait to see how it turns out. Please keep use updated with some photos, thanks for sharing.

Schaffernator rules!!. Too cool my brotha.


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