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GE Washer Tub won't spin

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Took front off, motor turns, belt turns pulley, but tub does not spin.  Belt in good shape.

Model wdsr2080d4ww

The motor and belt run but the tub ain't spinning?

Yes it is not making much sense to me.  I would think if the transmission were bad, it would freeze and not do anything.  While in spin, the electric pump runs, the motor turns the belt and you hear it turning the pulley but the tub does not move at all.  I ve looked through all the older posts to see if it something I could fix from them but this is unusual.


Update, after putting the washer in the back of the truck to make it higher......I see the problem is the metal circle which I am going to assume is a clutch under the motor.  It is not spinning.  So this seems to be the issue.  I m sure it is a common fix?

Mr. Fix-It:
It sounds like the pads on the clutch are worn. You will have to remove the motor and then dismount the clutch to see what the problem is.


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