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Done Shopping at Sears.

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Back in Sept or Oct of 2007 I purchased a Kenmore Stove, Kenmore Washer, Kenmore Dryer.  Now before this I had Sears Home Improvement put siding on my home as well.

Now within a 2 year period I spent over 15k with Sears.  Now mind you I never buy the additional warranties because most things last 5 or more years and with this being the case I believe they are not needed.  My original washer was a 150.00 scratch and dent from Sears and lasted 30 years and was given away when I finally purchased my new washer, and mind you that washer is still going strong for the person I gave it to.

Now the Stove had a switch problem that I just kept putting off only because it still worked but just not properly.  Then I go to wash some cloths and the washer is dead.  I call and set up service for this.  They come and tell me it's the motor interface and it's going to cost almost 600, parts and labor and I also had them fix the stove while they were at it which was an additional 250+ for parts and labor.  Well considering this washer only had NO MORE than 75 washings on it to have this kind of expenditure is just unexceptable.

The story even gets much better.  I opened the door on the washer and left it open (because of the mildew issues with front loaders) when the technician left after fixing the stove and looking at the washer because he'd have to come back when the part arrived to fix the washer, which would be a few more days, the stove switch was on the truck and was fixed the first day. 

The day he fixes the washer he tries then closing the door and for some odd reason it does not close now, so he states I'm now going to also need a new door latch for the washer but that it's fixed as far as the motor interface is concerned but still can't be used because of the door now.

So he orders up this part and tells me it's going to be another 100 to get this fixed now.  So he states he'll be back on Tuesday the following week since he had other stops in my area and if I minded that he come in the morning instead of afternoon since my other appointment was afternoon.  I told him not a problem.  He said I should receive the part on Monday.  Monday came and the part arrived.  Then a phone call came that evening asking me if the part arrived and I stated YES, she stated that my appointment for tomorrow was still in order then, and he'd be there between 8-12am.  Now I took a day off of work so that I could be there since there is no one else that could.  I waited till 1PM and still no call or no arrival from a technician.  I then got on the phone to call and while waiting on the phone looked up my service call on the Sears site which said it was not going to be until Wednesday from 8-12.  Now when the person finally gets on the phone I mention to her that I took a day off work today (Being Tuesday) that was my original appointment so how did it become Wednesday.  So now I have to take another day off of work for a 10 minute fix.

So here I am with a 1.5 year old Stove and Washer which have failed, and 2 days off of work with a bill of 800+ for repairs and labor and 400+ of missed wages for 2 days.  I will simply pay off my balance and will never use Sears or shop at Sears for anything ever again.  The merchandise and service is unexceptionable and the limited warranty or manufacturer warranties are pathetic.  This kind of thing should not happen on such high price items or at least should be covered for a 5 year period due to failure and now having to miss an additonal day of work due to someones screw up and not mine just adds to it.  For the loss of wages and repair costs I could have purchased a brand new unit with additional features.

Mr. Fix-It:
$600 you are getting robbed, that is outrageous!!!

please post the model numbers?

Sears Kenmore doesn't "make" anything.

Who Makes Sears Kenmore

Sounds more like griping about Sears service than anything else. The appliances are not at fault :)

Using Sears for repairs and home improvement is not always the  best choice...IMHO


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