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Washer vibrating too much during spin cycle

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My Maytag frontload MAH8700AWW is always vibrating like crazy during the spin cycle.  Even if I only do a 1/2 load.  If I put it on the maximum spin speed the tub shakes so much it sounds like it is hitting something.  Also I noticed the rust as seen in the pictures on the door hinges, around the door opening near the gasket, and down the bottom front.  Is this to do with the vibrating or something different??

In *most* cases the corrosion/rust is from bleach splashing from the dispenser tray during the spin cycle.

Vibration & shaking causes this.

A little background on this washer...

This is a Samsung-built washer that replaced the problem-plagued 1996-2004 Maytag Neptune front load washers.

It is similar to the Samsung WF 306 model washers. These were the older model Samsung washers that did NOT have the superb VRT feature (double balance rings).

In many cases--even when this washer (8700 model) was used on a concrete floor--it would shake/vibrate/walk terribly.
No repair solution was offered at the time and I am still unaware of any method for a correction.

Fortunately--all non-VRT models are no longer sold. All current Samsung washers from 2008 forward do not have this problem.

Oddly enough--the 2004 Maytag Neptune front load washer finally had the door lock problem resolved which eliminated the infamous "R11" Main Board failures. This was the last achilles heel of the original Neptune FL washer. Sometimes the decisions made by manufacturers defies logic.

Today--the Maytag front load washer is called "Epic" and this washer is really a re-badged Whirlpool Duet front loader.

Here's something that will help:

Service Update For MAH8700


--- Quote from: Repair-man on March 02, 2010, 06:28:49 AM ---Here's something that will help:

Service Update For MAH8700

--- End quote ---

This (bulletin) did NOT resolve the problem of shakes/vibration/walking & noise. Much time & effort was wasted by servicers attempting to correct problems for customers that owned the pre-VRT Samsung and Maytag-branded washers.

The introduction of an all-new system in subsequent Samsung model
washers---to eliminate this condition *did* succeed.
Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT)

I hate to dispute you, but as a Maytag Factory service tech, there was indeed some improvement in the field, also from the changes Samsung made to the  control boards which came with a vibration sensor in the kit after 2005


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