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A while ago, I saw a printed sheet that listed the wires one would apply a test cord to on brand-specific motors. Alas; I have forgotten where to locate it. Anybody have such info?

what motor is you testing?

Nothing right now; all of 'em, when I suspect a bad motor.

When I check one I use watered down electricity. That way the motor get 120 volts but none of the amps. I use an old whirlpool dryer element. I have a lamp cord with alligator clips on it. I split the cord all the way back to the plug. Near the plug I put the heater on one side of the cord. I can plug in the test cord and touch the 2 leads together and  I get a small arc. The heater element is absorbing most of the energy. So it does not arc like bare wires but it is 120 volts never the less so it will bite you if you are not careful.  I can then touch different wires to get er goin without burning up a winding. Or I can find a live circuit that way without harming windings. If I hit a direct short The element gets hot. I have one made from a water heater element also.

Cool idea. I suppose a defrost heater element could also work and take up less space. I also carry a test cord wire-nutted to a 3-N-1 to test compressors.


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