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Maytag Atlantis Not Draining or Spinning

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I am having this same issue mentioned in this topic with my Maytag Atlantis washer.

The timer advances through all the cycles to the end but the machine fails to drain in both the rinse and spin cycles. This results in the washer spinning in both cycles with a tub full of water.

This is very hard on the belt/ motor and you can smell the belt burning because of the weight of the water that will not drain. In every case there is a full tub of soapy water when the load is finished. However, when I then turn the timer back to the rinse or spin cycle and pull it out the water is pumped out as it should have been during the initial wash. This also works if I happen to catch it during the initial wash. In this way I know there is nothing wrong with the pump assembly.

The washer advances through all the cycles despite the fact that their is no proper drainage in the initial cycling. I have already tried replacing the timer, pump assembly, and lid switch to no avail. Can someone tell me what else might be wrong?

Model MAV6200AWW

Hi scotto,

I split your reply into a new topic.

Is the model number of yoru washer also MAVT634AWW or do you have a different model number?

It is a Maytag Atlantis Washer MODEL# MAV6200AWW

Here is my theory, I have seen those pumps shift around and lock up.The bearing seperates in them sometimes and you can see metal. The weird thing is the pump won't leak at all!


--- Quote --- I have already tried replacing the timer, pump assembly, and lid switch to no avail.
--- End quote ---

I would pull the inner tub out to see if there is something between the two tubs.


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