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Whirlpool washer won't fill

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I have a Whirlpool WTW58ESVW top load washer that will not fill. The water valve is good and so is the lid switch. Sometimes if I open and close the lid I can get it to let a slight amount of water to come in. Unit spins ok. Does anyone have a manual for this washer or any ideas what it might be??

Is it the same in all cycles?

Is the problem for Hot and Cold water?
The water level switch should be checked,it may be stuck in the full tub setting. Wires should be checked. Voltage to the water valve?
Here is the manual.

Thanks for the replies. Yes its the same for all cycles and both hot and cold valves. If it was a stuck level switch it should start agitating which it does not. Thanks for the manual. Any other ideas???

check to make sure air hose isnt plugged up orloose from eithor the tub or the water level switch.
i had a lady yesterday call because the water wasnt filling in the rinse cycle. i get there and she didnt even have the cold water on...


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