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Whirlpool front loading washer spinning problems

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I own a Whirlpool GHW9100LQ front loading washer. Here's my problem. On normal cycle, the washer won't spin the load properly. Even though I have selected high speed spin, the washer will only rotate for about 30 seconds at 100rpm on one side then the other. It seems to balance the load properly and drains properly but after a few seconds it starts vibrating a lot, stops spinning and continue with the cycle. A technician came over and though it wasn't draining properly. He replaced a pressure valve for 140$ but it didn't solve the problem. I removed the front panel and inspected the shocks and cement plates and everything seems OK. I've also ran the diagnostic provided by the manufacturer and everything was fine. The washer level is OK and I've also checked that it didn't rock in any direction. When empty, it spins perfectly getting to the ~1000rpm speed without any vibration at all but when a normal size load is in, it's like hell is breaking loose. What should I check now? Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Phil

Could be a warped main pulley. That would cause the washer brain to try weird stuff to rectify it.

Wouldn't a warped main pulley makes the washer spins erratically even if it contains no clothes?
Like I stated before, the whirlpool self diagnostic didn't yield any interesting results. During this test, the washer spins at the maximum speed at around ~1000rpm. It ran perfectly without any vibrations and was really silent. It behaved exactly like the first day I got this washer.
It's been sitting in the same spot for the last 4 years and only developed this condition a few weeks ago. My first guess was to check the levelness since it may have changed during the years of operation but that wasn't the problem.
I'll take your advice and will have a look at the pulley tonight. I'll post back the result of my investigation.

Meanwhile, if any of you have other interesting ideas, please reply. If there's some other things I may check at the same time I'll do it instead of pulling this monster out of it spot over and over again;)

One more thing, I have noticed that when spinning franticly, the drum moves a lot from front to back. By looking through the door window, I can clearly see that the drum lip is pushing against the rubber molding around the door.

Maybe you need a new shell


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