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Microwave Hood combo not powering on

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The microwave is about 6 years old and just died this weekend.  We did have the breaker pop.  It was reset and there is still power to the outlet.  The unit still won't power on.  Are there fuses in the unit?  Any other suggestions?

Model MH8150XMB0

If you have absolutely nothing in the machine working then the 20 amp line fuse is probably blown.

How do I replace that? Or can I? This fuse is in the microwave correct?

I have a blog I wrote about how it works with pictures have you seen it?


Unplug the microwave. Open the control panel on the right front. Look carefully for the fuse block,probably up high on the right side. There may also be another fuse on the control board.
There should also be a schematic just inside the control panel opening.


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