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Kenmore model # 106.5229910 no ice

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--- Quote ---This fridge used have temperture's problem; too cold..and we had tech checked (3 years ago) and tech said we need to adiust the tempture thing..but we did not let the tech to do it possible cuz the temperture thing made this ice maker no ice problem?
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What is the temp in the freezer section now?

--- Quote ---it was working so fine for the past 3 month..but unfortunately, it happened no ice problem again..any suggetion for us to replace any parts?
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If the freezer temp is ok (0-5 deg F) and your sure the optics are working I would go ahead and replace the ice maker.

Video: See if your Whirlpool Ice maker infrared optics control is working.

Here is the ice maker for your model refrigerator.

--- Quote ---do you think it is not that diffictly for me to adjust the temperture thing myself?
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Not sure what the other tech would have been talking about. The only adjustment you (or anyone) could do is in the refrigerator section were the cold control is. Both the freezer and refrigerator settings should be in the middle and that should keep your refrigerator running around 38 deg. F and the freezer around 0-5 deg. F.


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