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Kenmore model # 106.5229910 no ice

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Kenmore model # 106.5229910 no ice.   No water in ice maker tray.  I been reading some posts in this forum, and found out there are couple things I should to test in order to identify the problem but which I don't know how to test them.
First, I am not sure how to find out if my water tube frozen or not
Second, how to test if the optics working or not.

P.S I can manually put water in the mold and the ice maker will produce a few ice.
Also, before the ice maker die / not funtioning, I ususally heard some quiet "nnnnnnn.." noise came out from the freezer which I believe cuz the ice maker is filling water in and making ice..but for the past 2 days, no noise..and no ice at all.

Apprecaite your answer and help in advance.


Happy  :)

Hi happyeverafter

For no ice or low ice production, always confirm normal (0-5 Deg F) freezer temperatures before beginning diagnostic checks. The ice maker is designed not to run if the freezer in  not in this temperature range.

--- Quote ---First, I am not sure how to find out if my water tube frozen or not
--- End quote ---

Remove the water line (at the valve end) that runs up the back of the wall to the ice maker.
Put it to your mouth and try to blow air though it. It should always be open so you can blow air though it.

If you can not blow air though it then that is why you have no water going to the ice maker, the line is frozen shut and need to be thawed out.

--- Quote ---Second, how to test if the optics working or not.
--- End quote ---

Video: See if your Whirlpool Ice maker infrared optics control is working

Let me know what you find after you try to blow air through the water line going to the ice maker.

Hi AJ,

Thanks for your advise.
I tested it and believe the IR is working, but water line is frozen.
Any suggestion to defrost the water line? (I got plenty food in the fridge.. > <)


Happy  :)

Most of the time they are frozen right toward the end above the ice maker so it does not take much to thaw it out.

The way I do it is to unplug the refrigerator and remove the ice maker.

To remove the icemaker there is one screw in the bottom right coner you have to remove.
That screw hold a cover over the electrical plug.
Remove that cover and slide the ice maker out so you can uplug it.

There are a couple plastic tabs you will have to push on the bottom as you try to slide the ice maker forward.

Then I take my heat gun and put it on the lowest setting, a hair dryer should work fine.
Heat up the black part of the water fill tube that is just above the ice maker.
Often it will start to thaw and a plug of ice will come out in one piece.

Sometime I can even warm it up enough with the heat from my hand to thaw it out.

Every now and then you I will get one that is frozen with ice way back in the line. It just takes a little more time to thaw it out then.

Hi AJ,
Thanks for your help.

I tried to defrost the waterline with hair dryer, and it worked. Water came out to the ice maker mold, and ice came out to the ice holder on dooor..but it only worked once and after that no more water fill the ice maker mold. I checked the water line, the water line feels ok not frozen..
This fridge used have temperture's problem; too cold..and we had tech checked (3 years ago) and tech said we need to adiust the tempture thing..but we did not let the tech to do it possible cuz the temperture thing made this ice maker no ice problem? The fridge was belong to my grandma, and we leave it in the garage without using for 2 years, and we finally start to use it again about 3 month was working so fine for the past 3 month..but unfortunately, it happened no ice problem again..any suggetion for us to replace any parts? or do you think it is not that diffictly for me to adjust the temperture thing myself? 

Thanks for your help

Happy  :)


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