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Snow in Alabama...nothing new


As a 10-year old child living in Montgomery Alabama, I recall the winter of 1965 had a week-long snow storm similar to the current situation in some parts of that state. What I remember most as a 5th-grader who walked the 1.2 miles to school every day was that on those freezing days with snow on the ground, the typical student walked to school all bundled up, mittens, cap etc. , but they were barefooted!!

You see, back then Alabama elementary schools were pretty lax and allowed students to attend class barefoot.  I loved this, since my childhood days in Louisiana were spent  barefoot as well, so my feet were tough as nails. But never in my wildest dreams would I see snow on the ground and half the kids were still barefoot...amazing. (and we weren't poor, either if that crossed your mind). Just a local habit I guess...

Looked out the door just now and I see snow flakes!


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