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Kenmore electronic 90 series washer bleach and fabric dispenser stopped working


bleach and fabric dispensers have  stopped working,   it has been working just fine,  just stopped all at once.......suggestions please  :)

Model 110.26954690

Most electronic failures, such as  light bulbs, go out "all at once".

Your washer has a couple of water mixing valves on it that other machines do not. These are specifically designed to fill the various dispensers and are controlled by the electronic control board in the console. The valve shown below, for example is a 3-way valve, costing just under $100. Since the dispensers stopped working suddenly, we can conclude that the valve is bad or the control board is no longer sending voltage to it. You'll have to whip out your trusty volt meter and locate the wiring sheet in the top console to find out which it is.


Hello again Mr Repair man,   another questions for ya,  I found the tech sheet under the control panel, and it has a diagnostic test that I could put the washer thru, part of the test was the fill values, and dispensers and so forth.   I ran the test and the dispensers worked fine.....hummmmmmm   now I am thinking  what do I check,   I can still run the ohms test, but they worked perfect during the diagnostic test....

so if they work during the test and don't work during the cycle, 
the board ???

Ok just found the test for the "microcomputer"  I will run that and see what's up   any other suggestions are welcome also.
thanks again !


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