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KNIPEX Micro Cobra®, (cat. # 87 01 125) the HiTech Water Pump Pliers

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Klein Journeyman's crimping pliers


--- Quote from: schaffersapplian on February 07, 2010, 01:09:27 PM ---they are on the higher end of prices for hand tools, but are well worth it and backed by a lifetime guarantee. just hope you don't leave them under that last dishwasher you worked on.   :bonk: 

--- End quote ---

I once left a pair of pliers under a free standing range. I called the customer later that same day to ask them to look for it. They said they looked, but did not see it.

I was back to work on that same range over a year later and guess what. I found my pliers under the range, just were I left it. :)

I also once had my multi-tool go missing for a week. I had no idea were I could have left it. Went back to put a part in a range and when I pulled the range out there was my multi-tool on the floor behind the range.

I just placed a order for...

8701 125 Knipex Micro Cobra

8701 180 Knipex 7" Cobra

8701 250 New Wide Opening Knipex 10" Cobra

I should have them in a few days. I already know what to expect from the 7" & 10" Knipex Cobra, but I'm really interested in seeing what the Micro Cobra is like.


--- Quote from: JWWebster on February 07, 2010, 02:24:30 PM ---Klein Journeyman's crimping pliers

--- End quote ---

Oh sure, I do have some tools from them. They are ok too, but there pliers still are not as good as the Knipex Cobra in my opinion.

i agree with AJ, I do own some Klein tools as well, but they do not compare to the quality of Knipex. Hands down the best hand tools made.

Dang I just wish I knew where my dang Kleins were


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