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KNIPEX Micro Cobra®, (cat. # 87 01 125) the HiTech Water Pump Pliers

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I have always liked the Knipex pliers.

The Knipex Mirco Cobra is just under 5 inches!
Knipex 87 01 125 Cobra Pliers

I have carried a multi-tool with me daily for years and find them very useful.
The Knipex Micro Cobra and a multi-tool maybe a very handy combo to have.

I'm going to order one and see what they are like.

Anyone else have the Knipex Micro Cobra?

i love knipex tools! i got 2 pairs of cobra pliers, a pair of Needle nose pliers, a pair of diagonal cutters, and a wire cutter, they are the BEST quality hand tools i have found

Do they have anything like Kleins? What kind of price range?

they are on the higher end of prices for hand tools, but are well worth it and backed by a lifetime guarantee. just hope you don't leave them under that last dishwasher you worked on.   :bonk: 


--- Quote from: JWWebster on February 07, 2010, 01:00:08 PM ---Do they have anything like Kleins? What kind of price range?

--- End quote ---

I have not found many places on line that carry the Micro Cobra.
I will be ordering mine from here.

87 01 125 Knipex Cobra Pliers -

About $34.00



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