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<<<I served 22 years in the nuclear submarine service.  We had oxygen in tanks the size of a semi, we had topedoes that would ruin your day if they had an accident, we had 25,000 gallons of diesel, 3000 PSI huydraulics all over the place,we has subroc rockets that would burn a hole all the way out the back end of the boat if it went off....but in all that time, the only few times we experienced fires on board......was in the clothes dryer!>>>


Go to Amazon and order this book...

The Terrible Hours
by Peter Maas

Great book about Swede Momsen and his navy contributions to submariner rescue (and safety).

Hard to believe there were *survivors* after this sub exploded on maneuvers in August 2000.

Assistance was offered to rescue the trapped submariners---but was declined by the Russians (Vladimir Putin).


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