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Dryer Fires!

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Don't let this happen to you!
Clean the lint build up from your dryer and vent.

The good news maw: the dryer is gittin hot!
Whats da bad news son? The clothes is on fiar!! LOL
One year I was fermentin some wine on top the dryer and some of it spilled over. Seeped down into the dryer and burnt up the buzzer on momma's ancient kenmore wrinkle guard. Smelt like hell fer a while.

Yea I have put those out before!! I went to one right before I went on vacation!

Dryer fires accounted for more than $96 Million in fire damages last year alone.

I served 22 years in the nuclear submarine service.  We had oxygen in tanks the size of a semi, we had topedoes that would ruin your day if they had an accident, we had 25,000 gallons of diesel, 3000 PSI huydraulics all over the place,we has subroc rockets that would burn a hole all the way out the back end of the boat if it went off....but in all that time, the only few times we experienced fires on board......was in the clothes dryer!


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