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whirlpool hot water heater

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 >:( REPLACED BOTTOM ELEMENT BUT THE? LIGHT ON THE CONTROL BOARD STILL FLASHES CONTINOUSLY AND STILL NO HOT WATER.Do I need a new control?  I understand thy have had problems with the control boards.

Model EE3J40RD045V

Verify the thermostat continuity,especially the top stat.
Also verify the top heat element continuity.

This is not yer mama's water heater, Trout :)

It has a thermister (instead of the traditional thermostats),  which  feeds a control board. It's made by American Water Heaters...perhaps they have a tech sheet somewhere.

Abhersh, have you tested  either element with an OHM meter before blindly ordering it? Elements are sort of a pain to change, especially  if not needed. Also, provide where you heard about the control problems if you will.

Could not find your model. The manual tells how to test the control. Then replace it.Easy to replace.

1 flash power before water 2 flashes high limit temp 3 problem with sensors 4 flashes upper element 5 lower element after a error push red reset button contrl performs self test before normal operation start,takes 10 minutes if 5 flashes continue replace board.


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