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Kenmore 70 series dryer issue

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Am I correct in assuming that if I have a thermal fuse or thermostat issue (not installed on or in the motor) then if one of those went bad the motor would continue to run but the dryer would not produce heat?  That would narrow it down to to the motor and/or it's ability to turn.

cannot answer that  your model number is unknown

Turned the drum by hand- no issues at all.

Removed the front off the dryer and checked the Idler and rollers- I can spin them easily

Removed the back panel and blower housing- all clear and still very clean from when cleaned when the motor was replaced months ago

Checked the lint filter and lint hose- Lint hose runs about 3 feet to outside, all clear.  Lint filter clean and is always cleaned after every use

Put it all back together and am running it now to see if the disassembly/assembly shook something loose or ??? that would make things better.

Ahhh... there is a 110 in front of that number....

The number is shown as:  110.76722690   76722

I checked that number and it doesn't come up either.....

The wiring diagram is 3401736 rev a

Grrrrr......I tried to get a pic of the model sticker but it keeps coming out blurry.  Then I made a scan of the wiring diagram and the file is too big @ just under 1MB.... man I hate technology.  If we were all living in caves the sun would dry my clothes.....


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