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Kenmore 70 series dryer issue

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I've been having problems with my 70 series Kenmore dryer:

About 4 months ago the motor went bad so I replaced it.  While I was at it I cleaned the entire dryer exhaust.

About 1 month ago the dryer would not come on (cold) and the thermal fuse (the long white one) did not have continuity so I replaced it and the dryer worked fine.

Now the dryer works for some amount of time and then shuts off completely.  When you hit the start button you here a thud or click like the motor relay is kicking in but it does not go.  Let the dryer sit for ten minutes and it will work again.

It seems like I have some sort of heat related issue, hopefully it's not the motor.  While I was changing the motor there appeared to be some sort of device attached to the burner shroud and I may not have gotten the wires back on correctly?  I think there may also be some sort of thermostat near the thermal fuse at the back of the unit.  I'm pretty much confused at this point because I can't seem to correlate the wiring diagram with the actual hardware with regards to thermal devices.

Model 110.76722690

It ain't gonna be the motor because that is on another circuit. How about the rollers idler and glides? Does the drum turn easy? Could their be anything causing the motor to get hot and quit?

The drum turns easily. The idlers appear to be ok

Your reply leads me to believe that if I had a thermal part going bad then the motor would run but the heat would be cut off?

check the blower fan something may be stuck in there causing the motor to heat up and cut off

You might have to check the blower housing for objects and whaile you are at it wash out the filter housing


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