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rinse and spin continues


   Im checking the washer, it washing ok, however when should be rinsing, start to spin and the water never go out to the drain, only its like recycling the water, i did some check , found a valve (AP3133406) connected to the pump hose circuits, i check for resistence and found like open circuit, i also check the power supply and found the 110v, so i suspect this valve its NG,i also connect direct to 110v, doesnt work,  so , i woul like to eliminate this valve and connect the hose as a "normal" washer, i mean the hose that come out  from the pump goes directly to the drain, its that posiible, could be possible to bypass this valve without affect the total cycle?

Model LSW9245EQ1

This is the weirdest washer I have seen to date. I have never worked on one of these, just giving my opinion after reading the owner manual provided by appliance parts pros in there parts look up. Looks like it is the pre curser to the catalyst washer. It is supposed to be a resource saving washer. Instead of fill for rinse it sprays the clothes while spinning and the pump water is recirculated through that diverter valve. If you bypass it the controls above might not work right because that diverter valve is connected to an air dome that has a pressure switch attached to it. If you bypass it them clothes might not get rinsed right. I never even seen one of these before. Thanks for posting the question.


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