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Maytag wont agitate in any setting


the machine will fill then it stops but the timer is still going.  I have unhooked the water and taken it to the garage because I could smell something burning, like the windings.  it wasnt the belt.  Took the belt off and tried to turn the BIG pulley, it will turn one way for the tub but not the other way for the agitator. Is this normal? Is the brake supposed to be holding it? Does not having the water hooked up interfere with me diagnosing the problem?

Model pav2200aww

Oh yeah, i forgot to add it does spin when set to spin and also drains

does the pump turn easy?

This is a failed transmission on the Performa machine. A very common malfunction for units made prior to 2005 and probably not worth the repair if you don't posess the special tools (or make them yourself)

Parts & Diagrams of This Machine


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