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Is it possible to bypass the wax motor and door lock switch? I know they are for safety but I am the only one that uses it. My door lock switch is bad and after reading that if the wax motor goes out it will take out the control panel which then I will be buying a new washer because I would rather use the repair money towards a new washer. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Model MAH5500BWW


--- Quote ---My door lock switch is bad
--- End quote ---

Then why not just replace the door switch?

I do not believe so because not only does the wax motor lock the door, it gives the artificial intel on board confirmation of the door being locked. They had a lot of failures with the door because it would lock ok but not send confirmation because of corrosion issues. If there was a way I would have figured it out by now.

The 5500 series does not have a wax motor if it has the LED touch pad. Only the early runs with a timer knob had wax motor.

Jimbo does that mean you know a way to bypass the door switch?
I was thinking if the switch is bypassed that would give straight power to the control and fry something like the old Q6 triac/R11 fiasco.


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