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Looking for help from a repair expert

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HSB Development:
Looking for help from a repair expert. Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) is a leading insurer of commercial equipment. We are now considering a similar coverage to help homeowners pay for repairs to appliances, electronics and other household equipment. If you have experience in repairing household equipment, please consider completing the survey below that best matches your expertise. It will only take a minute, and your answers will help us develop this new offering.

Thanks for your help.
HSB Product Development

Household Appliance Repair Experts
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Consumer Electronics Repair Experts
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Lawn & Garden Equipment Repair Experts
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If it works out for ya, let us know.  I'd be willing to hear pay rate's as a servicer in the northeast.

All them dang percentage questions is the reason I gave up my dream fer mathematics professor fer Alfred Nobel! Why not just say: What appliance is the most screwed up and in need of the most repair?

Amen JW!

Mr. Fix-It:
The requirement of all your personal information makes me sceptical of their intent.


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