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Kenmore 70 Series Washer oil spill


I have a Kenmore Heavy Duty 70 Series top-load washer, which if I understand correctly is direct drive and made by Whirlpool. It survived about three feet of floodwater during Hurricane Ivan in 2004. (My washer and dryer were floating like sugar cubes in tea!) Since the flood it's worked beautifully except it wouldn't completely drain on the final spin cycle, so I'd turn the dial back and it would always drain the second time. Oddly, that problem resolved itself without any intervention a few months ago.

I cannot find the model number and I looked thoroughly. If it was on a paper label it probably came off in the flood.

It abruptly stopped spinning and agitating though the engine does make its normal noise and it still fills and drains. The lid switch works. From what I can gather the motor's coupler needs replaced. I opened the cabinet and removed the pump from the motor. I'm waiting for the Liquid Wrench to work on the screws that hold the motor clips, but in the meantime I noticed at least a quarter-cup of black oil on the basement floor beneath the transmission.

Is the oil a sign that the transmission is dead and is the transmission typically worth replacing?

Yeah it is worth replacing but it ain't no need to. You can pop the cover off and drain the old stuff out and put some 90 weight gear oil in there. Aj has all the replacement parts for that washer right here on the site:

AJ parts hotline


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