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Sears Kenmore Smooth Top Electric Range - C880. Zapping (arcing?) sound at knob

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--- Quote from: diyguy1000 on January 26, 2010, 08:48:48 AM ---I talked to Sears.  It was difficult getting the person to understand the problem, but in the end they suggested the "Infinite Switch" 1400W, part # 9750643.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for posting the part number.
Let us know how the repair goes.

Great, thanks!  The explanation of the switch operation in the video reassures me that this is the right part.

I wonder if the switch itself can be fixed.  The arcing noise may be due to bad contact from an accumulation of carbon deposits or oxidation.  I'm not sure if the switch can be opened (without destroying it).  If accessable, I might be able to give the contacts a light sanding.

If it was me I would get a new switch


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