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Sears Kenmore Smooth Top Electric Range - C880. Zapping (arcing?) sound at knob

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I recently noticed the left rear element control knob is making a popping/zapping/arcing sound when set to most positions.  The sound seems to come from behind the knob.  The sound occurs whenever the element switches on/off to regulate its temperature.  The is no sound during the ON phase, or OFF phase, just the during the transition.

Other than the sound at the knob, the element is still working normally, but I have stopped using it.

Any suggestions?

Model C880

Hi diyguy1000,

The switch for that burner is located behind the knob. I would replace that switch.

Are you sure that is the correct/full model number?

Model Number Locator

I tried to Look Up The Model Number, but did not find it.

Full model number is C880 665020L0

Type 30p

I talked to Sears.  It was difficult getting the person to understand the problem, but in the end they suggested the "Infinite Switch" 1400W, part # 9750643.

I have some videos which feature how those switches work
I kinda grouped em all together still workin on page



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