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Maytag self clean wall oven

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  My friend ran her oven on self clean, now when it is set to bake the broiler comes on. also only heats to 300. self clean still works.

Model CWE4700ABC  series 17


Check the bake element to see if it burnt out.

i got a look at this wall oven today. i was advised to check bake element. thought it would be an easy diagnose but is not. here are the details. ran self clean cycle. now when oven set to bake and temp knob turned on the fan starts and oven will start to heat until you get past 350 degrees, then fan shuts off and bake stops. everything works on timed bake. is the fan supposed to run continuous? could it be the clock and timer?

The Electronic control (clock) has failed. The fan is controlled by the clock as well, and is normally programmed to run in Broil and only in the Bake cycle after 305 degrees has been achieved. After reviewing your model, it appears the part is NLA

thanks for the info. i will break the bad news. this was my first repair job. i was doing it for free for a friend to gain experience. it is a little discouraging because i failed to properly diagnose. could you tell me what fails on the clock/timer when it works on timed bake and the clock works fine. also i printed the tech. manual, is there anything i can do to repair.


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