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Kenmore/Whirlpool SxS Ice Dispenser Removal

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Man, I'm not having much luck with our just out of warranty Whirlpool appliances!  :tickedoff:  First the 14 month old dryer problems, now the ice dispenser on the 15 month old fridge just blew parts into my drink!  :o

I had the hinge pin, damper piston and a spring just fall out of the dispenser. I need to know how to remove the fascia from the fridge door to access the dispenser. Also a diagram would be good, too. My model number don't come when I searched for diagrams & parts, and I did triple check to make sure my dyslexia didn't strike again.

Thanks in advance AJ and members.


Model 106.57362700

Pry under the facade with a pocket screwdriver, it just pops off. The diagram is below:
Dispenser Parts

You can use practically any of the whirlpool SxS manuals, as they do not nor will they ever list Kenmore model numbers on them even if they are the same product. You can always get the parts you need at the sears website by pasting your model into the lookup.

Thanks Repair-Man, that's what I needed to know.

The facia came off just like you said. Next I'll inspect the parts to see if something broke, or just came apart.

Once again, thanks! ROCKS!  O0


Good news and bad news....

The flapper and the lever are both OK. The door insert is broken where the flapper hinge pin fits into the slotted tab.   I applied JB Weld for a temp fix. I don't think it will hold on the plastic though.

It's good to know these appliances will last until the warranty expires.  :tickedoff:



Do you mean the lever is broken?

Actuator Lever- click pic


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