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Washer continues to fill with water - already replaced Inlet Valve

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Hello I need some advice asap!!! I replaced the Inlet Valve on my washer, but water continues to pour after it should have stopped. What am I missing? Electrical problem? Hoses?

Model wcsr2090daww

Just make sure the pressure tube has not got off the water level switch and is not pinched

Remove the front panel. Take the clear hose off the pressure dome.Run a small wire into the air pressure cup on the left side of the tub. Most likely gunk has built up and stopped air pressure from activating the water level switch.

While you have the hose off,blow into it and listen for the water level switch to click.
Reconnect the air hose. Set the machine to spin and turn it on. Then reset for normal wash and try again.

Wow both are awesome ideas! I will try both as soon as I can get to them. Will report my progress asap.

My bet is a pinched airline when the cabinet was reassembled.


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