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Kenmore 70 Series Electric dryer wont heat up

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I have the same dry and is not heating up. the coil has a yellow powder. looks like corrosion on a battery. was wondering if this may be an indicator thee coil is bad. I have seen many posts about this dryer/problem don't have a tester with me at the moment to check fuses and such.

Model 110.64722400

The "heat" circuit on a dryer is more then meets the eye.  The only way to test the machine is to have a multi-meter.... there are many components that make the machine heat... your ultimate goal is to have have 240 volts to the heating element.  The motor, timer, thermal fuse, heating element, thermal cut-off, and the hi limit thermostat could all be suspect without the right tool for the job.... There also could be an issue with the breaker and or wiring of the house, or dryer.... Any one of our serve tech's will be glad to walk you threw this repair, but to diagnoses the problem properly u must get a meter. 

I have seen powder on element and blowers, I thought it might be from fabric softener

Thank you JW for at least trying to answer the question I asked unlike your counter part. The powder is awfully acidic I don't be believe its from fabric softener it is only on the coil it self not on any surrounding parts. So I'm going to assume that the powder is not an indication that the coil is bad if that is what you think it is from, for now at least. I just never seen such a strange build up like that before on any of my other appliances. As far as the proper tools go, I have them but thank you for rambling about things I didn't ask about  schaff  i always enjoy wasting my time.

Hi kid_sketch,

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