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Can dryer timers be interchangeable?!?

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I have 2 dryers. One had a clothes melting problem so I replaced the dryer with a kenmore Model 110-72712100. I bought this used and the seller assured me that everything was functional.'s not. The cycle timer doesn't work. Drys great but would keep going forever if I didn't open the door. The knob does not advance at all.
My thought is that a timer is a timer is a timer and maybe I could steal the timer off of my other dryer (and potentially the knob) and just avoid buying the new part. At some point, I removed the model # sticker from the "donor dryer" so I can't give you the # for that one. Sorry  :(
Anyway, times are tight so I thought I would try a workaround. Any thoughts would be really appreciated!
Thanks to all!

does the timer motor ohm out? will it advance in no heat cycle?

Yes,If they are the same make and model with the same cycle configuration.
You may also be able to take the timer motor off the good timer and replace the timer motor on the bad timer.

It does not advance in no heat mode either. I apologize for my lack of knowledge but the "ohm" thing is over my head!

They are not the same model but using the motor from the good one may be a good option. It doesn't seem like it would be too hard to do.

Thanks for your laundry piles are growing by the minute!!!!

Mr. Fix-It:
Try swapping the "clocks" on the timer (the round metallic part with 2 wires coming off it) this might solve your problem.


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