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Kenmore 70 Series Washer - no cold water, weak spin cycle?

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My Mom has a Kenmore 70 Series Model 110.26702693, S/N CH1024046.

She's not getting any cold water into the tub - but the hot water side is fine. She has the flood-safe hoses, and I tested the hose by disconnecting it and turning on the shutoff valve while spraying water into the drum to make sure the check valve hasn't tripped. The water flow is fine through the hose. Is the inlet valve a common failure item on these washers?

Also, she has complained for a couple of months that she doesn't think the spin cycle is working properly. The clothes come out dripping sometimes, and it's especially noticeable on towels. With the washer empty, the spin cycle looks fine to me - but I don't have much for comparison. The tub stops very quickly when I remove the screwdriver from the lid switch - if that tells you anything about the clutch or coupler condition...

Is this beast worth fixing? Would this be a relatively easy fix? I'm pretty mechanically inclined - but I don't really want to make a weekend project out of fixing her washer.

We shopped for new HE front loaders yesterday and after reading up on everyone's repairs I'm a little gun shy. We bought Kenmore front loaders for our house in 2006 and have been happy with them - but I'm almost afraid to make eye contact with them now after reading about circuit board replacements and bearing failures!   ;D

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - particularly on fix vs. scrap - and if your advice is "scrap it" what brand/model would you recommend for a replacement?



Model 110.26702693

I would keep this washer. To check the water valve you need to flip up the control panel.
Did you check the inlet screens on the valve?

Well, I had limited space, so I didn't check the screens that well... sort of probed it with my finger and didn't get anything back, but I can get a mirror and check it better.



Just checked the screen and it's clear.  I could see through the screen to a white area with a small hole where the water flows through.

Think it's a bad valve?


Oh... and is there a way to ohm test the solenoid on the valve?


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