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GE GSD3000 Not draining


I have a 1990 GE Monogram (GSD3000 W13) that will not drain. It started with a "blocked washer arm" code (I think due to water buildup due to not draining). I reset and no draining and got a "too full" code. I bilged the water, checked lines/sump/covers for blockages and pulled out the machine. Solenoid would engage but motor did not spin. Laid machine on it's back to get a better view and motor spun slightly (only one time with 2 slow rotations) after switching power>start>reset.

Replaced Motor/pump assembly ($130). Solenoid still plunges but still no draining and motor still does not spin to drain. Not seized and suspect that there is something else wrong. There was a small switch attached to the old solenoid which was not included on the new assembly. I transferred it over and seems to switch (can hear/feel "snap" when switching).

At my wits end.

Has the knockout in the disposal been removed?

Not sure what a KO is on the disposal. But, this washer had been working for 18 years. Dual sink with washer drain feeding north of trap but south of disposal sink drain (disposal sink drains into line from second sink then washer drain then all into trap). Problem is that the motor (old one and new one) is not spinning when I push reset button. So, water can't drain if the motor is not spinning. So, sure it is in the machine.

Have you checked the door switch?

If the door switch were faulty, it should not let water in during wash cycle should it? It does.


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