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I just surfed thru the forums and registered.  Im on a retraining program after my sheet metal job of 23 years was shipped to out of the US.

Right now Im in my 4th quarter in Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology at Renton Technical College.

Look forward to learning from guys who have done this work for awhile.


Hi bakeray,

Welcome to the forum,

Is that a two year program your taking then?

What do you think of the program so far?

Sorry to hear about your sheet metal job, 23 years is a long time.

Just looking at the schools website some more and I noticed the scholarship page at this URL.

Towards the bottom of the page I found this scholarship.

Ric Deputy Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was created in 2002 and honors a long-time former program instructor and is open to students in the Major Refrigeration and Appliance program.


It would be great if you or anyone one else at the school could tell us a little more about the Ric Deputy Memorial Scholarship program.

Yea it is a 2 year program. At first I was just going to do the refrigeration until I talked to a few people in the industry and found out Id be better off to get it all.

The first quarter was electrical theory and alot of math. Thats the only part of the class I didnt like, even though I know why they teach it. Now that Im now getting to troubleshoot and work on stuff the class is alot more fun. I just wish I would have got into this field 23 years ago ;D

This quarter I just started dishwashers, thats how I stumbled on this site, I was looking for info on Electrolux models.

I just was awarded 500 dollers from the Ric Deputy scholorship fund. 

You have to be a student studying at RTC  in Major Appliance, Refrigeration, Laundry or Kitchen technology.

It can be used for books and specialty tools you might need. I bought some much needed test leads and supplies like batteys for my meter.  I also bought a NEC book since Ill be tested on some parts of that.


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