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Kenmore Washer Makes Grinding Noise and does nothing


When set to spin the motor runs but makes a loud noise and the tub does not spin.  Some transmission oil present on the outside of the transmission.  I know it is related to this.  How hard is it to repair a transmission?  Thanks.

Model 110.20402990

You have checked the coupling?

Coupler is intact, when I move it by hand, it moves but then there is a slipping feeling every once a turn.

That is an easy fix but it sounds complicated, it is not. You need to replace the main drive gear and pinion in the transmission. You remove the agitator first so that the transmission can be removed. Then working from the base of the machine you remove the 3 transmission bolts. Then slide out the transmission and mount it on a vise or a good work surface.

You can get the part from AJ

Here are some repair photos:  Sublime appliance notes/direct drive topslosher


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