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No Final Spin??? front loader

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I have a Kenmore front loader HE2 and the final spin cycle is inop. The machine gives me code F28. I cleaned the trap ( it was a mess/ didn't even know it was there/ not listed in the manual anywhere)and visually inspected other components
ANy Help is appreciated

Model 110.46462501

Communications error. Unplug machine look for loose connections in the harness.

Codes are coverted from indicator lights to codes via the repair manual.
Since I posted last I opened the back again looking for the obvious then checked to make sure the impeller on the drain motor was rotating. Ran machine on drain and spin again however this time codes came back as F11
Thanks for the responses and help

My bad, I thought I was loading in a dang washer manual.

HE repair manual

Page 80

You likely have a bad motor control unit (MCU)

To verify, place your leads across the black and white power wires at the MCU and monitor the voltage during a manual spin cycle. If 120 volts is going to the MCU and the drum does not spin the MCU is bad. Look carefully at the small wires  on the motor harness to make sure they are not broken from the motion of the tub during spin.


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