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GE Dishwasher Will not pump on wash cycle


I have a GE dishwasher that has the touchpad on the front of the machine. In you press the start button for any wash cycle, the LED will light and the dishwasher will fill normally. After filling the dishwasher never starts spraying. The timer will keep on counting down, and after the normal amount of wash time it will drain normally and then the next fill cycle will begin and the process will repeat. Sometimes it will work and wash normally and sometimes it will spray for a couple of cycles and then just stop spraying although the fill and drain cycles progress normally. The door latches good and if I defeat the door switch overide, it still does not spray so I think the door switches are alright. It doesn't seem to matter which type of wash cycle is selected as all of them have the same problem. I am thinking that the electronic control module is probably the culprit but before ordering a new one I thought I would ask if anybody else has any other ideas.


Model GLD6200L


I would check for bad connection on the control and also look at the main motor on the bottom.

Take a look to see if anything has been leaking on the bottom around the motor.


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