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Author Topic: lg washer tub wobbles  (Read 14379 times)

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Re: lg washer tub wobbles
« Reply #10 on: December 30, 2009, 09:28:52 PM »

thank you

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Re: lg washer tub wobbles
« Reply #11 on: February 28, 2010, 10:01:27 PM »
yeah thats what im afraid of, i know the bearing is done since i hear grinding when it rotates(the drum) and i held back the hall sensor while it was running and it finished the cycle completely so i am assumming that the hall sensor is ok but while the drum is wobbling like crazy it stops giving the ue code. also i noticed that the bolts holding the front and rear outer tub togather arent holding it flush, kinda looks like the rear drum is trying to seperate but bolts are holding it against its will, if that makes any sense.what do you think? change the rear drum? i really appreciate the help on this.thank you

Your post is somewhat confusing.

On older WM2277 LG washers--the method used for determining if a load is unbalanced was through a component mounted at the back of the washer called the BALL SENSOR.
Not to be confused with the component mounted on the stator assembly called a HALL EFFECT SENSOR.
Later models of the WM2277 washer did not use a Ball Sensor for triggering the "UE" Error (imbalanced load).
Nevertheless--any WM2277 washer model was NOT suitable for *wood floor* laundry rooms. On concrete floors they're fine.
Beginning November 2008--LG introduced the TRUE BALANCE washer.
These washers have an infinitely better spin performance than all other LG washers before it--on wood flooring.
This new feature was the addition of a tube filled with oil & steel balls mounted at the front of the tub.
When the washer begins to spin with laundry and reaches spin speeds in excess of 450 RPM--the tub will wobble but not the washer body. This is achieved by "cancelling out" resonance & vibration with the balance ring.
Samsung VRT washers take it a step further by adding a 2nd balance ring at the rear of the tub. This makes the Samsung even more capable of handling a heavy load of laundry on a wood floor without noticeable noise/vibration or shaking.
Both washers use an electronic sensor to monitor *extremely* imbalanced spin cycles.
If this condition is met--the washer will stop spinning and tumble the laundry in an attempt to redistribute the laundry load before beginning another run at the spin cycle. If the load cannot be made balanced during the spin cycle after several attempts---the MAIN BOARD defaults & ends the cycle. Laundry will be wet.
On the LG TRUE BALANCE washer and the Samsung VRT models--this is very rare.
Bearings also *rarely* fail on the LG washer. I have personally seen only one failed rear bearing.
Usually brown stains can be seen on the base of the washer and evidence of a leak can be seen at the rear bearing itself.
Most times--when a tub makes a grinding noise when turned by hand--it is from a loose HALL EFFECT SENSOR.
If the original Hall Effect Sensor was replaced--it's very easy to damage the plastic snap-tabs on the Stator Assembly. This would cause a new Hall Effect Sensor to scrape against the Rotor magnets.
If those tabs are missing--it becomes necessary to replace the Stator Assembly because the tabs keep the Hall Sensor tightly in place in an extremely narrow environment between the Stator Assy and the moving Rotor Assy.

If your washer is on a concrete floor and is level but still triggers an error of "UE" ---then it is highly possible that the back of the washer has been bent inward during delivery. This moves the BALL SENSOR closer to the tub than was original. During the spin cycle--normal tub movement "bumps" this Ball Sensor and triggers the "UE" error. This can be remedied by removing the back access panel and grabbing/pulling the bent sheetmetal back to its original position.


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