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dishwasher fills but main motor won't start


Hi, I have a MDB7100 dishwasher that fills but dosen't start or drain. If I run the automatic function test I get the keypad 2 LED flashing motor low current. If I run manual function test and push keypad 2, should I get a AC voltage reading at the main motor plug with the wires blue,grey,red,yellow and what should it be? thanks Bruce

Bruce the door switch assembly has a couple of those pesky micro switches. I bet one of em is faulty.

if a door switch is at fault would it even allow it to fill?

According to the wire diagram on for your model the L1 power and Neutral power both go through a micro switch in the door latch assembly.

 If either of them were bad you would have no functions at all.

 Your problem is going to be a bad wire going to the motor at best and a bad timer at worst.

I would check for 120v power from the timer to the motor first. Not 120v,bad timer.
If you read 120 output then check the wires to the motor.

If you have 120v at the motor and it does not run you have a bad motor.


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