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General approval of Samsung Appliances and Bosch Dishwasher


I just helped my uncle negotiate a good deal on all new appliances for his new (to him)
home. He bought them all from Lowe's. They are all Samsung with the exception of the Dishwasher which is a Bosch. They all seemed to have good reviews, and I talked the guy down to $4900 from $6300, Then we sprung the 10% off coupon on the 18 year old at the register who said "ok". So he ended up paying $4500. All the kitchen stuff is Stainless, and the washer and dryer are red with the matching pedistals. The model numbers are as follows:
Washer WF328AAR (Last years display model), Dryer DV328AER, Range FTQ353IWUX,
Microwave SMH9207ST, Refrigerator RF217ABPN, and Bosch Dishwasher, I think this is model number: SHX65P05UC. It was the one with the handle that was about a thousand dollars regular price.

What do you guys think of these, and do you think he got a good deal ?



You need to go back and spend the money you saved on extended warranties,because these brands will certainly need repairs beyond the original warranty period.

Amen to that brother.


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